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OSV is in the business of providing Explosion Proof Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) services specifically for hazardous environments such as Offshore oil and Gas platforms, Refineries, FPSO vessels, Analyser rooms, E-houses, Modular buildings and Cabins. Now, we provide marine type HVAC too.

OSV provides a complete A-Z solution from helping to specify, design, manufacture, test, certify, transport, commission, and maintain the equipment. Now backed by ISO 9001:2015 we are providing our customers with unprecedented levels of product quality and service.

Over the 20 plus years OSV has been operating we have designed, developed and manufacture a comprehensive range of standard HVAC equipment for hazardous areas in petrochemical installations such as refineries and offshore oil and gas platforms.

The North Sea Range was developed in 1985 the UK to meet the requirements of fixed production offshore oil and gas platforms. Since then the product range has been developed further and is now used around the world in all kinds of hazardous environment.

The OSV HAZAIR Range has been developed since 1986 to provide HVAC for land based analyzer houses and for offshore cabins and temporary installations on platforms.

Although OSV has developed standard products, the company provides equipment to meet project specifications which vary considerably from project to project and can require many options. Materials vary from 316L stainless steel to 304 stainless steel and mild steel with hot dip galvanized or painted finish. Electrical supplies vary from various voltages at three phase to single phase AC and DC supplies. Hazardous areas vary from those classified under the European IEC /  system and those under the US NEC system. Air conditioning, ventilation and pressurising capacities vary with the size of the project. We work to ATEX and IECEX standards.